Redefining Brand New Experiences For Brands & Users.

We believe that every process should be simple and easy for everyone to understand.

And we also believe that great products should be delivered to everyone regardless of market level or anything.

Small Team With High Values

Founded in the early of 2022, we found that so many brands or products are doing the same things as other businesses. As a result, these brands almost got no exclusivity at all. Knowing that, we, at Runes, dedicating ourselves to helping brands & users creating a better identity for their business, products, or services.

Meet The Masterminds

The Great Journey




The Concept Started

Runes was first initiated by our Founder, Rafly and his friends, Abror and Danung, the idea came in mind after he was working in another creative agency.



Quarter Way Ready

After deciding the base concept, Rafly soon was made the initial sketch of the company concept, such as logo, design guidelines, etc.


Final Concept Ready

By the end of 2021, the whole company concept is finished, and by that, Rafly ending the 2021 with new journey ahead.




The Team Gathered Together

We came together in a Rafly house to meet for the first time, deciding how the company gonna goes in the future.


The Website Launched.

After some UI/UX design for our first website, we finally launched the site after coded it with React (NextJS Framework).


Our First Client!

Our friend from SubversionRP (GTA V Roleplay Server) contacted us to help the development of their server.



The Client Trusted Us

After happy with the first work we done, our friends from Tune Discord Music Bot Team, contacted us again to do some work for their website. It was some music dashboard this time.


We are Officially Established as a Registered Company in Indonesia!

After 5 months of working non-stop, we finally registering our company as a legal Indonesian corporation registered as PT Rumah Kreasi Bersama.